Know Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Landlord in Cleveland Housing Court


As a landlord, you have certain rights that protect you in landlord-tenant disputes. If you have a case in Cleveland Housing Court, there's a civil component that handles landlord/tenant matters such as evictions, motions for repairs, and rent deposits. The court also has Housing Court Specialists who can provide valuable information and assistance with housing matters within the City of Cleveland.

However, it's important to remember that with these rights come responsibilities. As a landlord, you must follow proper legal procedures and obtain a court order before carrying out an eviction, and ensure that your rental units meet certain safety and habitability standards in compliance with local housing codes. Violations of these codes can result in fines or other penalties, and Cleveland Housing Court has jurisdiction over criminal cases involving housing, building, fire, zoning, agriculture, health, and safety violations. To avoid any legal issues, make sure to consult with a legal professional and stay informed about your rights and responsibilities as a landlord.


Cleveland Housing Court works closely with a number of partner agencies. Here are a few key organizations that are of particular interest to landlords.

CHN Housing Partners

This nonprofit affordable housing developer and housing service provider works with its partners to solve major housing challenges and deliver resources to low-income people and underserved communities to improve housing stability.

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Cleveland Water Department

Cleveland Water is the largest supplier of safe, quality water in Northeast Ohio.

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Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District

The Sewer District owns and operates three wastewater treatment plants: Easterly and Westerly treatment plants in Cleveland, and Southerly treatment plant in Cuyahoga Heights. These treatment plants clean tens of billions of gallons of wastewater every year, reducing pollution and improving water quality.

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