Virtual Hearings

At the Housing Court, we believe that everyone deserves access to justice, regardless of their circumstances. That's why we're proud to offer a range of virtual court solutions that make it easy and convenient to manage your legal proceedings from anywhere.


Preparing for Virtual Hearings

We're committed to bridging the digital divide and providing access to justice for all. As part of this commitment, we're thrilled to offer access to our court virtually by way of Zoom from your own personal device, or our library kiosks. These kiosks are currently available at the South Branch Library, and will soon be up and running at the Mt. Pleasant, Carnegie West, and Glenville libraries. If you will be using your own, personal device, visit any of the links below by clicking the icon relevant to the device you will be using. 

Zoom From Your Personal Computer

Click below to download the zoom desktop client

Zoom for PC

Zoom From Your Iphone

Click below to download the Zoom iPhone App

Zoom for iPhone

Zoom From Your Android

Click below to download Zoom from your Android device

Zoom for Android

Public Viewing of Virtual Hearings

For those interested in sitting in on a virtual hearing should call (216) 664-4295. You will be asked to provide identifying information including your email. If there is a particular case you would like to observe, please let Cleveland Housing Court staff know. Click here for information on how to prepare for a Housing Court Zoom proceeding.

Access to Criminal Virtual Hearings

For access to Judge Scott's Virtual Hearings please click here. Please note this link is ONLY for the Monday Pre-Trial and Wednesday Criminal Docket and not for any in-person or civil eviction cases. If you need access to civil eviction cases please contact our office at (216) 664-4295.


Zoom Access


Meeting ID: 899 5365 0666

Passcode: 556718

Access to Civil Virtual Hearings

If you have a civil eviction hearing, please call the court at 216-664-4295 or email the court at in order to obtain your virtual hearing information

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