Transcript Requests

You can request a public record by filling in these boxes and hitting Submit. You also can request a transcript by following the instructions below.

Transcript Requests

To requests a Transcript, submit your requests via eScribers website. 

Housing Court is not providing audio copies of hearings at this time, only transcripts of the audio.

When submitting Transcript Requests  please include case number, exact hearing dates and times, hearing Judge or Magistrate , case caption (ex. John Doe vs. Jane Doe), hearing type (virtual or in person ) and all other relevant information.

Attorneys and the public can access the Cleveland Municipal Court Odyssey Portal for case information.

You will be notified directly by eScribers about fees associated with your Transcript Requests.

For appeal purposes, you must file the original bound paper transcript with Cleveland Municipal Clerk of Courts.

Public Records Request Form

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