Judge W. Moná Scott

Administrative Judge W. Moná Scott made history Nov. 5, 2019, when she was elected Administrative Judge of Cleveland Housing Court. Scott became the first woman elected to serve a full term as Housing Court Judge.

About Judge Scott

Administrative Judge Scott, the daughter of two wonderful, hard-working parents, grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. Administrative Judge Scott is a first-generation college graduate, the first in her family to achieve a juris doctorate degree, and the first Scott to be elected to public office. Administrative Judge Scott reveals that “her parents sacrificed much throughout her life and that her historic achievements are attributed to their compelling and impressive dedication.” Living in low-income housing allowed Scott to see the disparities in how residents were treated based purely on their economic status. Those experiences shaped her views on various socioeconomic and legal issues and led her to devote her life to public service. After earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminology at Florida State University, Administrative Judge Scott enrolled at The Cleveland Marshall College of Law. While there, she participated in various activities and was instrumental in providing leadership to the Black Law Students Association before earning a Juris Doctorate

With nearly 20 years of experience, Administrative Judge Scott has had a diverse legal career, including civil litigation, family law, criminal prosecution, and work as a defense attorney. Her unique blend of legal talents was showcased in her work as an Assistant Prosecutor with the City of Cleveland, as well as a Cuyahoga County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney. During her tenure with Cuyahoga County, she practiced in a variety of settings including the general felony unit, the juvenile justice unit, and the foreclosure division. Her tenacity and dedication to her constituents also garnered an exciting opportunity to serve as the Fair Housing Administrator for the City of Cleveland. As evidence of her commitment to public service and mitigating socioeconomic disparities, Administrative Judge Scott served on several boards and is a member of several professional and community organizations.

She has been active with The Black Women’s Political Action Committee, Harvard Community Center Board of Trustees, Fair Housing Center for Rights and Research Board Member, National Black Prosecutors Association, Norman S. Bar Association, NAACP, NEO Fair Housing Collaboration, Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association, and The Cleveland Southeast Design Review Committee. She has also earned professional certifications including Trial Advocacy and Mediation.

Administrative Judge Scott is the mother of two very active Generation “Z’ers.” Her daughter recently graduated from a liberal arts college in California and works in New York City's financial district, and her son attends Ohio University. She is proud of their engagement and activity within the community and their passionate commitment to understanding democracy and the electoral process. Administrative Judge Scott is often heard proclaiming, “You don’t have to set yourself on fire to keep others warm.” But above all, she firmly believes that “If you must live, live unapologetically fearless, holding hands with, and only trusting and loving the Lord.”

Administrative Judge Scott brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and leadership to The Cleveland Housing Court. Administrative Judge W. Moná Scott is dedicated to preserving a fair and impartial judiciary and exudes the passion necessary to do what is right and just under the law. She looks forward to new challenges and exciting opportunities as Cleveland's Housing Court Administrative Judge.

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