Cleveland Housing Court Clinics

Cleveland Housing Court is coming into the community, offering expertise on all kinds of housing issues.

With COVID starting to fade, Cleveland Housing Court has resumed its popular Housing Resource Clinics in Cleveland’s neighborhoods. Residents can come to this “one-stop shop” to ask experts all sorts of housing questions. These include landlord-tenant rights, housing and building code enforcement, public health code enforcement, virtual courtroom access, and lead safety.

In addition to the court’s own Housing Specialists, guest experts include the Cleveland Departments of Building & Housing, Aging, Public Health, and Water; Cuyahoga County experts on Property Taxes, Appraisals, and Homestead Exemption; CHN Housing Partners; the Legal Aid Society of Cleveland; the Veterans Resource Center; the Fair Housing Center for Rights & Research; EHW (Lead Safe Resource Center); and the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District.

The programs, which are free and open to the public, feature speakers, an audience Q & A, and information tables.

1st Floor Housing Clinic:

Available daily Monday – Friday 8:30 am to 3:30 pm

Our team of Housing Court Specialists want to welcome you to the 1st floor Housing Clinic. This workspace is not only conveniently located near the entrance of the Justice Center, it’s also manned by our knowledgeable team of Housing probation officers. Whether you are a customer of the court in need of documents, a resource referral, or you are venturing to better understand the fundamentals of Housing Court, the 1st floor Housing Clinic is supplied with everything you need to work with our court.

Landlord Resource Clinic:

The “What Every Landlord Should Know” Landlord Clinic helps to build more knowledgeable and consistent rental property Landlords or property owners about City of Cleveland building and housing codes, local ordinances that affect rental properties, and their responsibilities as a Landlord according to Ohio Landlord Tenant Law. The Landlord Clinic as provides invaluable insight into how the Court functions both in civil and criminal matters, and resources for landlords and property owners.

Tenant Clinic:

The purpose of the “Tenant Clinic” is to provide information regarding Tenants’ rights according to Ohio Landlord/ Tenant Law and local rules and ordinances. The Tenant Clinic also provides invaluable community resources to Tenants.

Attorney Clinic:

The “Attorney Clinic” provides information regarding civil and criminal processes and is used to build a bridge between the Courts and litigants.

Housing Court Resource Clinic:

The Housing Court Resource Clinics are in conjunction with City of Cleveland Ward Councilmembers and are designed to provide information from the City of Cleveland and Cuyahoga County departments, organizations, and agencies. Attendees ask questions regarding Landlord/ Tenant issues and are able to collect information to better help navigate the housing landscape of Cleveland and Bratenahl.

First Floor Clinic:

Housing Court Specialists provide expert information and assistance in civil and criminal housing matters on a walk-in basis Monday through Friday, 8:30 am – 3:30 pm on the first floor of the Justice Center. The Housing Specialist also provides blank documents and forms for filings, assistance with Landlord/ Tenant issues, and community resources.

Zoom Kiosk:

Combating the digital divide amongst residents, keeping them connected and enabling them to participate in all areas of their hearings, Housing Court created 3 zoom kiosks. Zoom kiosks are rooms with computer equipment that is individualized, sanitized and safe. Participants are assisted by staff with accessing their Zoom hearings and submitting documents to the Court. Housing Court’s Zoom kiosks are the Court’s continued innovative efforts to keep the public virtually connected and safe during a pandemic. Currently the Court is working with City partners to expand more Zoom Kiosks further out into the Cleveland communities broadening the Court’s reach and increasing even more defendant/tenant participation.

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