2024 Mover-Out Checklist



Call various moving companies to compare prices for the services you will need. Verify the mover’s policy regarding charges in the event move-out is canceled, or if there are any upcharges due to infestation.

If there are animals on the property:

• There will be a $40 charge for each dog to be taken to the Cleveland Kennel.

• Any other animals will go to the APL (Animal Protective League) free of charge.

• Arrangements for this will be made when the bailiffs arrive to the set out.

Select a company and provide all details such as address and move-out date. The Bailiff’s will not recommend a mover; it is the Landlord’s responsibility to choose a mover.

Court bailiffs do not move personal property; this is the responsibility of the mover.

Court bailiffs do not force entry into the dwelling. If forced entry is necessary, it is the responsibility of the Landlord or the mover.

Please do not approach or enter property until Bailiffs arrive.

Licensed and Bonded Moving Companies

This list is also available on our website:

http://clevelandhousingcourt.org/en-US/Landlord - Move-Out Checklist

1st Choice Movers & More

(216) 441-7933


(216) 331-0088

Complete Real Estate Services Inc.

(216) 570-2742 / (440) 835-2292

A MADD Cleaning Services



(216) 559-5932


(440) 822-2057 / 216-703-



AA-1 Thompson Lowest Price Movers

(216) 559-0188 / (216) 255-2147


(216) 244-9348

SSS Properties LLC

(216) 381-8607 / (216) 682-9037

DL Thompson LLC

(216) 406-2506 / (216) 210-0707

Cornerstone General Contracting

(216) 203-1605


Heavy Equipment Movers and Commercial Move Outs Only

GRG Trucking Company, Inc. (216) 651-8898

Jerry Vencl Corlett Movers & Storage Company, Inc. (216) 641-6677

If there is a vehicle on the property that needs to be towed/moved due to the eviction process, please advise the Bailiffs when they call to confirm the eviction.

Towing Companies 

Aetna Towing (East) (216) 271-3000


Cleveland Municipal Court




You may be charged additional fees by the City of Cleveland in connection with this move out.  The City can charge a landlord $190.00 for the increased waste removal costs to evict someone after: (1) the City issues a citation to the landlord and; (2) the Commissioner of Waste Collection investigates.  (Cleveland Codified Ordinance Section 551.111)

If the volume or nature of the contents would create a health or safety hazard, the City may also require dumpsters and/or compactors and charge the landlord for those services. Contact the Dumpster Services for Cleveland Residents at 216-664-2162 for more information about prices.

These waste collection fees are NOT Court costs and are NOT imposed by the Court. 

If you are charged these fees and want to contest the charges, you may wish to contact the City’s Division of Waste Collection at (216) 664-3711. 

Additionally, if the volume or nature of the contents is such that removal to the tree lawn would create a health or safety hazard, the Court may cancel the move-out and order a new move-out date set in conjunction with a special waste collection as scheduled by the landlord.  Housing Court Local Rule 6.102(D).

If you are charged any waste collection fees by the City, or incur costs of a special waste collection, you may be able to recover an equal amount from your tenant by including a claim for the costs in your second cause of action. Housing Court Specialists are available on the 13th Floor of the Justice Center to give information about second causes of action and answer questions about the Court’s procedures. 




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